2014 NHA Annual Report

Bill Personius NHA Executive Director2014 Has been a busy year and a good year financially for NHA. This year NHA has consolidated our banking accounts, updated to electronic banking, consolidated all NHA memorabilia or "stuff" to an online store, and implemented the use of Square Register for on-site event registration and payment acceptance.

The biggest change this year was the purchase of an Office Management System called (MemberClicks). NHA moved from a manual collection and tracking process of memberships to a state-of-the-art holistic/automated management system while updating and giving our website a facelift.

Memberclicks does the following:

  • Membership Database - Stores custom member profiles in a secure online database.
  • Member Applications and Dues Renewals - Automates membership dues payments, applications and renewals.
  • Organizational Members- Manages both corporate and individual memberships
  • Event Registration - Collects event registration information and payments with customizable online forms.
  • Email Marketing- Sends personalized, targeted or broadcast emails, complete with easy customized reporting options.
  • Accounting & Payment Processing - Handles payments and invoices.
  • Membership Reporting - Generates comprehensive reports on membership, forms and revenue.

NHA has also hired an accounting firm (Accounting Solutions) that assists with bi-weekly payroll, monthly reconciliations, quarterly reports, overall financial oversight, and tax preparation.

NHA in the future hopes to hire a Marketing Manager/Financial Specialist to assist with continuing to expand and improve the NHA brand and our financial procedures.  It is our desire to reach out to new organizations to grow our membership and connections with those organizations that support Naval Helicopter Aviation.  

                                         2013            2014

Active Members                2505           2438
Honorary Members               46               46
Corporate Members           250              254
Total Members                 2801            2737

Statement of Activities

 Membership:                    $154,407.09
 Sponsor Income:              $251,568.10
 Returns/Allowances:              $-250.00

   Total Revenue:                $405,725.19

 Investment Gain:                 $39,736.86
 Interest Income:                  $11,493.56

   Total Revenue:                 $43,427.17

  Event Promotions:              $105,729.40
  Operating Supplies:                $6,434.40
  Shipping/Delivery Expense:   $8,538.96
  Office Wages:                     $180,717.64
  Telephone:                             $3,401.63
  Repair/Maintenance:                 $101.58
  Marketing/Analysis:              $23,467.05
  General Liability Insurance:       $310.00
  Directors/Officers Insurance:  $1,064.00
  Travel:                                    $2,769.41
  Payroll Tax Expense:           $15,009.44
  Legal/Professional Fees:        $2,116.18
  Office Expenses:                    $9,113.60
  Printing/Reproduction:          $23,296.63
  Depreciation:                             $699.00
  Dues/Subscriptions:                    $15.00
  Donations:                                 $234.82
  Bank Charges:                            $14.00
  Merchant Credit Card Fees:   $1,211.89

   Total Expenditures:      $394,231.63
Net Change in Assets:      $11,493.56
Net Revenue:                     $54,920.73


 Database and Reminders

The NHA Membership Database is maintained
at our national headquarters: 
                   Building 654 Rogers Rd
                   NAS North Island
                   San Diego, CA 92135

Statement of Financial Position
31 December

Current Assets

Bank Accounts:                  $201,371.23
 Investments:                       $573,847.12 
 Property/Equipment:            $ 54,942.00
 Accumulation Depreciation:$(53,194.00)

     Total Assets:            $776,966.35


      Net Assets:                  $722,045.62
      Net Revenue:                 $54,920.73

     Total Equity:              $776,966.35