NHA Symposium Suite/Admin Room Contest
Incentives for 2019 NHA Symposium Reunion/Anniversary/Squadron/Command Groups

  1. 1.     Viejas Hotel Penthouse Suite 

http://viejas.com/viejas-hotels/hotel/penthouse-suite/ Wed, Thurs & Friday only

  1. 2.     Viejas Presidential Suite King 

http://viejas.com/viejas-hotels/hotel/presidential-suite/Wed, Thurs & Friday only

  1. 3.     Viejas Presidential Suite King 

http://viejas.com/viejas-hotels/hotel/presidential-suite/Wed, Thurs & Friday only


These three (3) admin suites will be made available during the 2019 NHA Symposium, May 15-17, 2019 (3 nights) at the normal government per diem rate of $167.00 per day to the winning reunion/anniversary/or squadron groups who have registered with the NHA Retired Reunion Manager prior to March 15, 2018 given the following rules:

The 3 winners will be based on the total number of group attendees and dollars expended in advance of the 2019 NHA Symposium 30 April 2019 cut-off date. 

The contest will be based on the numbers of:

  1. Paid reunion/anniversary/squadron group NHA members registered for the Symposium
  2. Viejas Hotel room nights booked and paid for
  3. NHA Symposium paid event admissions and all other scheduled 2019 NHA Symposium events/activities requiring payment (i.e. Members Reunion, Salute to Aviation Lunch, Golf Tournament, Aircrew Competition, etc.), including specific group activities (dollar amounts) organized and booked/paid through the Viejas Hotel during the 2019 Symposium (i.e. luncheons, dinners, socials, etc.). 
  4. Additional credit will be awarded by submitting the following items for points:
    1. Copy of the Squadron Command History (10 points)
    2. Copies of Command or Detachment Group Photos (all personnel/2 points per photo)
    3. Squadron/Det/Ship Subscriptions to the Rotor Review Magazine* (10 points per subscription)
    4. Submitted individual biographies of squadron members, officers, and enlisted (word files…1 page verbiage containing a picture/1 point per bio)
    5. Squadron donation to NHAHS Fund (5 points for each donation over $20.00)
    6. Squadron donation to the NHASF (5 points for each donation over $20.00)
    7. Pictures of Squadron Detachment Patches/Plaques (not currently on the NHAHS Website) (1 point per plaque/patch)

Group POCs will provide the NHA Retired Reunion Manager, CDR Mike Brattland, USN (Ret) [email protected], an email acknowledging their group’s intention to participate in the contest by March 15, 2019 and a list of names of those participating prior to April 30, 2019 to be used by NHA to tally the winning groups for the incentive admin suites listed above. 

After April 30, 2019, each list of attendees will be matched to the NHA 2019 Symposium attendance data base to determine the group totals to include the points accrued and dollar amounts spent toward all the formal 2019 NHA Symposium events.  

The additional items listed above not involving Symposium registrations, can be emailed to [email protected]to be tallied, making sure to identify the squadron and or reunion group that submitted them. 

Based on these totals, the 3 suites will be awarded in order of the top 3 groups that entered the contest. 

The three complimentary suites are $167 per night and the following conditions apply: 

The POC or designated rep for the group will be required to sign for the suite with the Viejas Hotel, providing a credit card to cover any and all services charged to the room. 

Each Admin will cost the government per diem rate $167.00 per day. Taxes and resort fees willbe charged unless the person signing for the room provides cost or no-cost orders upon check-in.     

The person signing for the room will also be responsible for all incidentals such as room service, damages incurred or other services coordinated by the group through the Viejas Hotel or other sources. 

Once the April 30, 2019 tally is made, winning groups will be notified through their respective POCs. Any questions can be directed to the NHA Retired Reunion Manager [email protected].

*Squadron/Wardroom Subscriptions are authorized to be paid with squadron funds.

Download this spreadsheet to keep track of your submissions.

Submissions due on April 30, 2019