Travel Information

NALO Information

Requested (NOT Confirmed)
Leg 1 KNTU (Oceana) 15 0800 May 17 (1000) KNIP (Jax) 15/1000 May 17 (1200)
Leg 2 KNIP (Jax) 15/1200 May 17 (21400) KNZY (NASNI) 15/1600 May 17 (1800)

Bus Schedules
Monday 15 May 2017
1900 3 Buses Depart NASNI Base Ops for Bahia Hotel

 Wednesday 17 May
1730 1 Bus Departs from Bahia to Petco Park
2230 1 Bus Departs from Petco Park to Bahia

Sign-up at the Pre-Registration Desk by 1300 Wednesday 17 May
Bus pick-up can is at the front entrance of the Bahia.
For Petco Park pick-up and drop-off, per their website:
BUS SERVICE: The drop-off location for private charter buses is located at the west side of 14th Street, between K Street and Imperial Avenue, immediately east of Tailgate Lot. The south side of K Street between 13th and 14th Streets is used for overflow bus parking. Reservations are not required and there is no cost for bus parking in this location.

Friday 19 May
0600 3 Buses Depart Bahia for NASNI Air Terminal
0800 Departure

NALO Rules Regulations
40 lbs of Luggage
Dress Code - adhere to Wing Standard Operating Procedures
No open toe shoes and flip flops are not authorized for wear.  

Tax Exempt Form

Please use this form to submit to the Bahia Resort Hotel upon check-in.